Do You Know Them From UX?


Do you know these 10 people from the UX field?


People Who Are UX Researchers

  • Jared Cole: He is a Design Director at Adaptive Path, and have worked with many famous identities including Nike, Goldman Sachs, Motorola, Boston Ballet and Harvard Business School. His Twitter: @coffeekid
  • Jennifer Romano Bergstorm: She is a User Experience Researcher at Facebook. Specifically, she works in eye tracking, usability testing, UX for older adults and survey design. Previous to Facebook, she has worked with other prominent organizations including the US Census Bureau and the American Association for Public Opinion Research. Her Twitter: @romanocog
  • Chelsey Glasson: She is a user experience researcher at Google whose work has impacted companies like Google, Salesforce, Udacity and T-Mobile. She has also headed numerous domestic and international qualitative research studies for consumer and enterprise products. Her Twitter: @chelseyglasson
  • Jason Crane: He is currently Principal at tincrane, with 18 years of experience in UX research and design. He has a background in software development and is active in the technology communities. His Twitter: @snapperwolf
  • Carol Barnum: She is the Director of User Research and Founding Partner at UX Firm, LLC. Starting with establishing at lab at her university for an IBM Total Quality Management Grant, she has become involved with user experience. Since then she has worked with many different clients involving user experience in software, hardware, information and e-commerce sites, web applications, mobile devices, etc. Her Twitter: @CarolBarnum


People Who Are UI Designers

  • Luke Wroblewski: He was formerly VP designer at Yahoo and now has his own startup, “Input Factory”, that focuses on creating value from micro mobile interactions. His Twitter: @lukew
  • Whitney Hess: As an independent UX strategist and coach, her Twitter feed is prolific in ideas and insights. Her Twitter: @whitneyhess
  • Mike Kus: Based in UK, he specializes in graphic design, web/ui design, photography and illustration. He has worked for Microsoft, Twitter, Mailchimp, etc., and is active in the design/tech community. He is also a writer and contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek. His Twitter: @mikekus
  • David Armano: He is the director of Global Strategy, having worked in digital branding and marketing for companies like Ebay, HP and Adidas. His Twitter: @armano
  • Aarron Walter: He is the VP of Design Education, with published books like Designing for Emotion. His Twitter: @aarron